Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bring on the Gray Hairs

I found my first gray hair today. At first I thought maybe it was just leftover paint from a few weeks ago when I painted my room white. But nope, definitely a grey hair. I mean I guess it was only a matter of time right? I feel like I'm pretty old at heart already, like I came out of the womb at the emotional age of 50 and have just been getting older ever since, so I guess its about time my hair reflected my 76 year old personality. You think I'm making this up? Let me tell you a little bit about this wrinkled soul of mine...

I love raisin bran and bingo and cribbage and the TV show I Love Lucy.  Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies are where its at and I could listen to  Ella, Frank and Louis for hours. (if you don't know who I'm referring to, your probably too young to know what good music sounds like)

I'm not quite as bad of a driver yet. My eye sight may be worse than most but I can still see the majority of road signs. But when my eyesight does goes, I'll happily drive one of those tanks of a car so when I do get into fender benders I'll come out unscathed.

I'm not quite as mean--Those blunt thoughts that old people let lose for sure go through my head but luckily I still have a filter. Definitely not to the point in my life yet where people respect me enough that I can just say what I want to say.   And when I finally do get old enough where I can start blaming things on dementia, you can bet your buttons the 100% honest truth will be coming from this dentured mouth of mine.

Nightgowns? No, I don't own one yet (key word there is yet) but they look pretty comfy, like they promote a lot of airflow. Not all hot and constricting like pants. Almost like your naked...and I'm not going to lie, I really like not having clothes on.

I don't love technology. It keeps getting more and more complicated and I can't keep up. It's sad when your 5 year old niece can operate your iphone better than you can. On the topic of technology, I'd much prefer to actually talk with someone than text them. And I'd much MUCH prefer to get a handwritten letter in the mail than an email. If anyone is looking for a pen-pal, I'm here for you.

Some of my favorite foods are ones that require little to no chewing (perfect for those old people with dentures or no teeth) like apple sauce, jello, pudding, creamed corn, and icecream.

I have the worst hearing. I constantly have to ask people to repeat things. Or sometimes if I'm too embarrassed to ask them to repeat it, I just try to pretend that I know what they are saying. Sometimes it works but often I end up looking like a total fool.

If this is what having gray hair means than let me retire and live out my days in an old folks home, I'll become a bingo champion and finally have time to learn how to knit.

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