Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All things Christmas

I listen to Spotify at work most days. The music helps keep me sane and on task. But sometimes I have a problem with deciding what kind of music I want to listen to and today was one of those days. Slow music just seemed too slow and boring and I just couldn't find anything else with a beat that I really liked and I was about to just turn it off because I was spending more time on what music to listen to than my actual work when I remembered that its CHRISTMAS!! And I could listen to Christmas music.  Perfect.

It hasn't felt like Christmas this year to me yet. I think that's more due to the fact that I refuse to believe the year is already almost over. (Anyone else feel like it flew by too fast?!?) And due to the fact that there's no snow. (Utah please stop hogging it all.) And probably because I hadn't turned on the Christmas music yet. But its on, and it's time to be festive and time for me to talk about all my favorites parts of Christmas.

Number one on the list Christmas Lights! They are just so magical. And downright romantic. I just love driving around and seeing everyone's tree's in their windows all wrapped up with christmas lights. And of course on the houses too. It's so festive. One of my favorite family traditions is all of us piling in the car on Christmas Eve and driving around to look at all the houses with the best Christmas lights. We found some good ones.  Candy Cane lane here in Seattle..anyone gone?!?!? Its great. Me and Candy Cane lane will be having more than one rendezvous this year. Christmas lights...they just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Second on the list....Christmas Lights! yeah, I love christmas lights so much they make it on the list as number two as well. More specifically Zoo Lights. What is better than mixing two of my favorite things together?!? The ones in Salt Lake were always fun, and the ones in St. Louis were great too. I hear the ones here in Seattle are ok, but I hear the ones down in Tacoma are pretty legit. So I will be making a trip down there in the next week for sure. Can't miss out on those babies.

Christmas Lights! come in at number 3 too. Just kidding, number 3 is Christmas trees. Sadly we didn't get one this year but I do love them. It's all about the real trees. They smell so good. Plus they are just so much fun to go cut down. Thats another thing I miss about home. Every year the day after Thanksgiving we'd drive out to the middle of nowhere and see who could find the best tree. Ultimately it was always up to my Mom who won. I'm not just her favorite child because I'm the smart and pretty one but also because I pick out the best Christmas trees.

This one should actually be at the very top of the list, I just got too excited to write about Christmas lights that  I got distracted but family is the ultimate best thing about Christmas. What can I say? I love them. Always love getting to spend whatever time I can with them. This year will be spent in California (No snow for me) with half the family. Pretty excited.

AND last one on the list...Christmas Lights. Guys, I just love them. I can't get over how magical they are.

Merry Christmas.

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