Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Time When The Livin's Easy

 Summer 2013 has been wonderful. Idyllic in fact. I spent most of it outside, with good friends, doing things I love to do. Does it get much better? No. No it does not. Since summer it seems is coming to a close (the gray clouds and rain are making their debut again) I've decided to highlight some of the top moments from this summer via pictures. Sooo... without further ado and in no particular order I present Summer 2013
Boating and rockclimbing-tell me your Labor day was better than mine. I call BS.
Early on in the summer got to meet up in CA and hang out with 2 of my brothers. Watching this little guy climb was priceless. If this picture doesn't bring a smile to your face then my guess is your heartless and you wouldn't know cute if it punched you in the face.
Went home to St. Louis to see the girl that put up with me through my awkward, bi-polar middle school and high school years get married. If you want to party, this was the place to be. A reception filled with 80's music and crazy dance moves.
Gorgeous sunset, a nice boat and a good-looking guy. How could this not make the top ten list?
Took a camping trip to the Hoh Rainforest and WA coast with 4 of the greatest people that I know. And I bet none of them even read this to hear me say I think they are so great. Their loss. 
I can't leave out Ragnar. 2 days of endless running stuck in a car with smelly girls. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. Can't wait until next year!
Theo chocolate factory tour. All the free chocolate samples you can eat-Do i really need to explain why this is a highlight? We know where I'll be heading to pack on some lbs for my winter coat.

My first NFL game AND I officially became a Seahawks fan.

We drove up and spent the day in Vancouver, BC. Totally gorgeous and we did a beast of a hike, saw some lumberjacks and grizzlies, ate really good food and had a blast.
Traveled back to the motherland for my best friend Kat's wedding. No, I have no pictures of the wedding but I do have pictures of the waffle truck we ate at the weekend before her wedding. And I won't lie, love weddings and I love Kat, but you can't beat delicious waffles.

**This list by no means encompasses all the great things I did this summer. For example it leaves out all the paddle boarding,  kayaking, hiking and greenlake swimming adventures. plus all the fabulous food I ate. I could devote an entire blog post merely to my food adventures. We'll save that for another day though** 

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