Monday, August 26, 2013

All in a days work

I have to be to work at 5AM now. Do I love waking up in the middle of the night, not so much. Do I love getting off of work when most people are eating lunch? Definitely. My biggest problem in life is that I'm both a night owl AND a morning person, thus i'm burning the candle at both ends. Its a real problem folks.

If I was a coffee drinker I think I'd become rather addicted really fast. Instead I start my mornings out with some nice peppermint tea and an apple. (Apples supposedly have the same effect on you as 1 cup of coffee) I don't know if anyone else has noticed this with tea but its like it goes from scorching hot to freezing cold in a matter of seconds. One minute I'll pick it up and try to drink it and i burn my tongue, and then I'll put it down to cool for a few minutes and the next time I pick it up its cold and gross.  Is it really so hard to just stay warm? I have a goal to catch it and drink it at that incredibly elusive perfect temperature someday.

Another problem I often come across at work has to do with my headphones. So I often list to music at work, but I only ever put one ear-bud in which is partially due to the fact that only one of them works but also so that I can hear things going on around the office and what not. When I'm on the phone with someone I'll take it out and lay it on my desk and it never fails every single time when I go to put it back in my ear I always and I mean ALWAYS end up picking up the ear-bud that doesn't work. Seriously?!? What are the odds that I would choose the same one every time and its always the wrong one?

 Sometimes I have members that need a break from talking about themselves all the time so they start asking me questions and we end up talking about me. With one in particular I ended up telling him about how I had a moment last week where I made a rash decision out of fear and almost instantly regretted it. But it was one of those things you can't take back and the rest of the week I had this huge hole in my heart that got bigger and bigger the more I realized what a good thing I had messed up. Regret isn't something I do very often but this is definitely something I regretted. He was an older man and had many years life experience and the way he spoke to me about life showed it. He said one of the hardest thing in life is learning to admit when your in the wrong and once you do that then you can start to make things right. He also said that the good things in life, like the really really crazy good things, always have a way of coming back to us if they are meant to happen. So if it happens to fall into my lap again whether in the form of a second chance or farther down the road in a whole new situation, hold onto it as tightly as I can and make sure I always treat it as special as I think it is.

I also talked with another member who had gained a lot of weight recently because his wife was pregnant and she was gaining weight and he didn't want her to feel bad about herself so he was trying to gain just as much weight as her. Yup, thats smart. Tack on an extra 40lbs  so that your fat and unhealthy when you have your first child.  Good luck taking it off when your sleep deprived and stressed. And good luck having a second kid when your wife is no longer attracted to you because you gained 40 lbs for no reason. Or maybe that's just how true love really looks.

Oh my goodness! On the subject of love, recently I am having a love affair with Spotify.  We spend many a good hours together each day. I'm pretty enamored.

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