Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers Day little Ricky

My Dad is pretty great. Here are just a few reasons why:

He gives the best advice. I won't lie, my Dad isn't the first one I usually go to for advice. Mostly because I know the advice he gives is the advice I need to hear not the advice I necessarily want to hear. He's always right and if I was smart I'd learn to listen to him more often. I would be a lot farther in life had I listened to him from day one but I had to be the rebellious teen and think I knew better than him. He knows a lot and I've come to value his opinion quite a lot. Some of the best advice he gave me came just a few weeks ago in fact. I was feeling a little bit heartbroken over a boy and I briefly mentioned it to him and in response he said, "If he was smart he'd keep you around forever. You are a catch. Be faithful and fun and even and patient, all good things come to he who waits." I honestly don't think he could have said anything more perfect.
He loves me. There was this one time a friend and I took a wrong turn while hiking in a canyon and had to spend the night unexpectedly in it. My Dad was on a business trip when he found out that I was "missing". He immediately cancelled all his meetings, changed his flight plans and called all my brothers to tell them to meet him in Utah so that they could go to the canyon and find me. Ever seen the movie "Taken"? Liam Neeson's got nothing on my Dad. He loves me and he'd so anything to make sure I am safe.
He's funny. This is the only time I'll ever admit to thinking your funny Dad so soak it up but he really is quite funny. His jokes may be lame at times but they never fail to make me laugh. His alter-ego rapper  PJ Daddy still makes me laugh when I think about him. I love it when PJ Daddy makes an appearance. The grandkids love him. They just adore their Papa and I don't blame them. He can make them giggle on command and I love watching him interact with them.
He's creative and adventurous. My favorite part about going home to visit is that I always have a standing date to go mountain biking with my Dad and to make something in his woodshop with him. This last time it was a knifecase, the time before that a jewelry box, some christmas name it, we've probably made it. He is an incredibly talented wood worker and the amazing thing is that its all self taught. I love having all these knick knacks that he's helped me make to remind me of the good times we've had together. And biking, where do I begin with biking. He's the only 60+ year old man I know that gets excited about going down half pipes and off jumps on his bike. He's pretty hardcore like that.
He's a hardworker. Hardest worker than I know. From a young age he's always instilled the importance of good work ethic in us kids, mostly through example. I've never seen my Dad cut corners or do anything halfway. If he's given a job, he does it right and to the best of his ability. He sets high goals and always accomplishes them. It's inspiring to see what he's done with his life and makes me proud to be his daughter. He also taught me that while hardwork is important, playing is just as important. Every Saturday that was spent working in the yard was always rewarded with take-out chinese food, icecream and a cowboy movie. Work hard, play hard.

Dad, thanks for being a constant in my life. For never leaving or giving up on me. For having confidence in me when I didn't have it in myself. For pushing me when I need to get out of my comfort zone and loving me when I just need to be loved. For forgiving me time and time
again me even though I'm often irrational and irresponsible. Lets be honest, the only reason I'm not married yet is because I've yet to find a man who can even begin to measure up to the standard you set. I feel lucky to have you around and thank my Heavenly Father everyday for having been sent to you and Mom. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I love you.

Happy Fathers Day!!

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