Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm not going to lie, the hardest part of writing these for me is always picking a title. I just never know what to title things. Maybe it's because I always jump around to so many topics through the course of each post but I just can't ever figure out how to capture people's attention AND sum everything up in just a few words. That is a skill I may never master.

Where to begin, oh where to begin. I faked you guys out, I said I was making a comeback, sucked you in with a few posts and then stopped writing stuff. Suckers. I got called out on it today though, so here I am gracing your presence with some more random thoughts. I did a big thing today, this is the first time EVER that I linked my blog to my facebook, so anybody can read it. Well, anybody could read it to begin with but not many people knew about it. I usually prefer to keep it that way, because lets be honest, the inner workings of my head that get written out here can be a scary place that not all people are ready for. But anyways, to anyone new who happened upon this...WELCOME!! and to my faithful few followers who have been with me from the beginning...WHY ARE YOU STILL READING?? No but really, it's nice to know that someone reads this (besides Kat and my Mom).  If you are new, you should go back a year or so, all the stories I posted back then were a lot funnier then what I write about these days.

Speaking of funny stories, I do have one from today. It's one of those ones that is a lot funnier if you were there but maybe if you have a really good imagination you can picture just how this went and laugh real hard. To get up to my office you have to go up 2 flights of creepy stairs. Some mornings those 2 flights seem like they go on forever and other mornings I feel real good and can fly up those babies. This morning I was flying. I felt real good and I was running up them when I guess one of my legs decided it was tired and didn't quite make it up high enough to get to the next step. Next thing you know, my face hits the stairs. Yeah, I wasn't even fast enough to catch myself with my hands. Tripping up the stairs wasn't even the worst part of it though, not only did I trip, after I hit the floor, I was in such shock that I slid down 5 steps back to the bottom and ended up in a crumpled heap. Should I go into more detail or do you have a good enough picture in your head to give yourself a good chuckle? Great.

I was going through a box today and found one of my old journals. I read through bits and pieces of it and stumbled upon this little gem that put into words exactly how I'm feeling lately.
"So often I talk about how I want things to change and how I don't want life to be stagnant or stay the same all the time, yet when it does change and it messes up the flow of how I'm use to things being, I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, I get it, that life has to change and what not because if it never changed we'd never go anywhere in life or learn anything, but it doesn't mean I always enjoy it. This growing up thing is hard sometimes"
That was Brooke circa 2009 speaking, boy was she smart. You would think 4 years later I would've gotten better at accepting the fact that life is an ever changing process and you just have to go with the flow, yet it still gets to me when things get shaken up. I feel like lately my whole life has been turned upside down.Things I thought I knew, I don't. People I thought would be around for a long time, aren't. And directions I thought I should be going, well lets just say I know a roadblock when I see one. Needless to say, it's been really frustrating and I won't lie I may have had some bitter feelings, but as I have continued to survive day after day and started to shift my focus bit by bit, I've come to realize that change is good. It allows us to grow in ways we didn't know were maybe necessary or possible, tt opens our eyes to new opportunities and pushes us to be better. Lets face it, change is inevitable and so we might as well embrace it when it comes, right? I don't know about you but if things never change and I'm living the same exact life that I'm living right now even just a year from now, I will not be a happy camper.

Next time I write I promise to put pictures in. We all know you guys come for the pictures, not for my ramblings. :)

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