Monday, January 28, 2013


So on the street that I live is a collection of Mormon houses. It's like our own little 35th street gang. In like a stretch of half a mile there's a good 6 houses filled with singles. It's real great. We all have a lot of fun together. Last night we organized a progressive dinner. The first for our little street and it was fantastic!! We started at one house with drinks, moved to my house for appetizers, the next house was salad, the one after that was the main course and we ended at another house with dessert. With a good 30 people there to talk to and some really amazing food, I'd say our first 35th street progressive dinner was a success! Woohoo!! Anyways, that's not the story. So my house got to make appetizers. We had some people with gluten and dairy allergies so we had to be creative when it came to deciding what to make. We finally decided to make bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. They were delicious. I mean, cmon, anything wrapped in bacon is delicious. I've never really handled jalapenos much before so I didn't realize how potent they would end up being. As we were standing in our tiny kitchen cleaning out the seeds and cutting them open and washing them out, the fumes or whatever comes from jalapenos, started to kill us slowly. I started sneezing constantly and my roommate Susan was crying from coughing so hard. Add bouts of laughter in there, we were a mess of mascara running individuals. If someone had walked in at that moment they would've thought we were crazy. I also didn't realize that jalapeno juice stays on your hands for so long. Last night I touched my lip and for the next hour my lips were on fire. I think they also plumped up a bit from that, beauty is pain folks. Later that night, like hours later, I got a cut on my finger, a tiny tiny tiny cut and touched it and OH MY GOOOOSH it burned!!! Here's the kicker though, I thought I'd be in the clear this morning when I was putting in my My eyes are currently tearing up as they are burning so much. I can't tell you how many times I've washed my hands and yet these babies are still potent! Moral of the story: Never, ever, EVER cook using jalapenos...or if you do, make someone else cut them for you!

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