Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enoshima Island

Tuesday?....i think was the day we went to Enoshima Island. (All my days get mixed up here, i can never remember what day we're on until we get to Sunday.) Enoshima Island is a small holy island a short car ride away. The island is entirely dedicated to the goddess Benzaiten who was said to have risen from the bottom of the sea in the 6th century. The island is full of lots of cool shrines, a botanical garden and a cool observatory that you can go up and look out over everything. The best part was that once again we got to wash and drink the holy water! Love that holy water.

Just a quick FYI before I start putting up some pictures...littl Mr. Cade lovingly got poop all over my shirt when we got out of the car when we first got there, luckily Heather had an extra tank top on so I changed into that instead of walking around in a poop stained/smelling shirt. So I apologize for my immodesty, my shoulders ARE pretty good looking so if you don't think you can handle those babies, scroll no farther!

Sorry the pictures are so small, when I make them any bigger they just go blurry which is wierd, but I suppose they give the general idea so just deal with it!

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Charlotte said...

Um, Brooke, your bare shoulders make me very uncomfortable.