Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chopstick vs. Fork

Which is the better eating utensil?? No one knows for sure so I've decided to lay it out and see which one comes out on top and thus will be declared the SUPREME UTENSIL!!

We'll start off theoretically, if a fork and chopsticks were to get in a fight (You got wasabi in my mashed potatoes! You got mashed potatoes in my wasabi!), chopsticks would win hands down just due to pure numbers. 2 against 1. strength in numbers. Chopsticks 1, Fork 0.

Now in a real fight, if you needed to use one as a weapon, a fork would be to your best advantage. I'd be way more afraid of a fork carrying thug than a chopstick carrying thug. A fork would dig right in but chopsticks, unless they're expensive high-end ones would just snap into, unless you went for the eye. Chopsticks 1, Fork 1.

As eating utensils, it could go either way. Forks can do a lot of things, like scoop,pierce, or stab. They can act as both a spoon AND a knife when needed. Chopsticks, however, can be used to grab a wide variety of things and shovel mass spoonfuls of things into your mouth. I was also told that ivory chopsticks change color when they come into contact with certain types of poison so there's always the chance they could save your life. In this case i think it's a toss up. Chopsticks 2, Forks 2.

At this moment in time I can't side with one or the other, they're just both so useful in so many different ways. This is an argument that may last throughout the ages. Any thoughts to help settle the matter are greatly appreciated.


Captain Danger said...

I personally think that the fork would win the theoretical fight, because it's made of metal and the chopsticks are made of wood. It would be like me fighting two little girls made of wood. But, that's just my opinion.

Gavin said...

I myself would have to go with the chopsticks. Yes they break easier but that can be an advantage. You stab them into some guy and then snap them. Now the dude has chopsticks stuck inside his stomach and no one's gonna be happy after that. My dad once stabbed a fork through his hand, but he just pulled it out... and bled some. Imagine if he still had a chopstick stuck in there!