Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream come true??

I usually don't dream. Hardly ever in fact. Maybe once every few weeks, but since coming to Japan I have the most vivid dreams every. single. night. They aren't just normal dreams most people have...they've been some of the weirdest I can ever remember having.

In one of them I was getting married and an anteater was chasing me and my husband-to-be down the aisle trying to suck us up with his anteater nose. Finally I got so fed up with running away from this anteater in my ugly BLACK and pink wedding dress..(why I was wearing black at my wedding, i'm not sure)...that I ran outside where a friend of mine was sitting in his car and I asked him to save me from the anteater and he drove away! And the dream ended with me still being chased by the giant anteater.

Another really weird one was I was going canyoneering with some friends except instead of canyoneering in a canyon, we were "canyoneering" through a house. We were climbing over couches and rappelling down the stairs and crawling through air ducts. You wouldn't think it'd be scary but in the dream we were being SUPER careful and we kept being reminded that this was a VERY dangerous activity. One of the people with us fell down the stairs while we were rappelling and we were all distraught. The dream ended with us huddled in an airduct, just after we lost our dear friend to the dangerous stairs, wondering how we were ever going to get out of there alive. Don't forget kids, houses are dangerous places!

The other one I remember is I was given a challenge to walk a balance beam across space! And me being one to never say no to a challenge said I could/would do it. Earth to Brooke, there's so many problems with this scenario...what were you thinking? So I fly up in a rocketship to space and these alien guys let me out in a yellow astronaut suit onto this little plank that has a balance beam attached to it and tell me good luck in their alien language (which I can apparently speak alien in my dreams). I start walking across it thinking that it'll be cake when I get distracted by an intergalactic icecream truck flying by and when I start waving to try and get it's attention so I can get some icecream I lose my balance and fall off the balance beam. When that happens it does like it does in MarioKart when you fall off the side of something and it shows you falling down but then the little thing picks you up and brings you back up and puts you back on the road except it puts me back on the balance beam. That's basically the end. The rest of the dream is basically the same thing except I keep getting distracted by different things, like a firetruck and a cute alien, or i tried to do a cartwheel on the balance beam and fell off.

Wierd dreams....what's happening to me?


Captain Danger said...

Brooke, those are some of the most amazing dreams I've ever heard of! Keep it up!

Gavin said...

Oh my gosh, these made me so happy! lol