Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where to begin...

Oh where to begin, where to begin? I have so many thoughts running through my head lately and I've done so many cool things that I don't even know where to start. Japan is great, not many people have the opportunity to spend 3 months in another country and for that i'm extremely grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity. Not only do I get to get to spend every single day with my awesome sister and her extremely cute kids, but I get to hang out in JAPAN...and experience a whole different culture!! I'm lucky. Very lucky. It's been a strangely hard change to go from college life (i.e. studying all the time, going to class, having a job, etc) to "mom" life. I've been thrust into this world of motherhood, granted their not my kids, but I watch them and hang out with them enough that i get the general idea of having kids and it's quite a change. I miss having friends around to hang out with that are my own age and that I can talk to about things people my age like to talk about and as much as i hate to admit it I rather miss having things to do all the time. I'm so use to having my whole day planned out...so many hours for classes, and then this many hours for studying, blah blah blah you get the picture. I'm finding that too much free time, which is what a lot of college kids wish for, is not good for the soul. So far the lesson I'll be taking home from this experience is it's good to keep busy. As stressful and tiredsome as it might be sometimes to have a full time job or be a full time student, it truly is worth your while to be actively engaging in something...anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving being here, and this in no way has had adverse effects on my desires to be a mom and wife someday...in fact if anything it's made me want that stage of my life to come faster. Random thoughts, I know, but i'd rather write them here than have to handwrite them in my journal. And plus I don't think anyone reads this anymore so I don't think it matters what I write :)


Felipe Ignacio said...

i check it all the time.

and im sure malformed malfoy does too.

cait. said...

I still read!! I'm glad you're loving Japan and all, but come back to Utah where you belong (until you move somewhere cool, of course). Wait. Are you coming back to Utah? What are you doing after Japan? Will I ever see you again?