Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Banana Pancakes.... one of my all time favorite Jack Johnson songs AND are also one of my favorite foods to eat! Tuesday night, Heather had to take Ethan to soccer practice so Kailey, Cade and I were left in charge of dinner so we made PANCAKES! I submit that there's nothing better in life than breakfast for dinner.
After making a few batches of regular pancakes, we stirred in some mushed bananas and cinnamon to make some delicious banana pancakes. They were a hit, i should've made the whole batch with bananas in them.

Kailey was a great helper. She's really good at stirring and an exceptional taste tester. If it weren't for her great taste buds I'm sure the pancakes would've have turned out as good :).
Maybe next tuesday we'll give blueberry pancakes a try.

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