Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just a few random things i'd like to say:

1. I absolutely hate turtle necks. I love how they look, i think most of the time, in sweater form only, they are really cute, but gosh, wearing one is like having a midget on your back the whole day, it just chokes you. Today i wore one and the whole day i had anxiety and my neck was itchy. From now on, i say NO to turtlenecks.

2. Monday...i finished an ENTIRE crossword puzzle with only a little bit of help. Usually, i can only get 6 or 7 words on it, but this is the first time i've ever finished an entire one practically by myself! I conquered, and now my crossword puzzle days are over. I'm going out on top. Lets all have a moment of silence in honor of that please...

3. I'm embarrassed to admit this but with all the snow we've had lately and the lack of winter shoes i have in my closet, I've become one of those girls that wears fake ugs and tucks her jeans into them. I know, i know...don't judge me. I can't help it, they're the warmest shoes i have and none of my jeans fit over them. But i bought cute new boots today,(pictured below), so hopefully i will no longer be one of "those" girls

4. Last friday we had our work christmas party, and Kat and I decided to suprise everyone and dress up like Santa and an elf. We were a hit, Kat was an Elf and I was santa...unfortunately, i have no pictures to upload onto here, but that's probably a good thing because you'd be blown away by our awesomeness.

5. And lastly, i've decided to train for a triathalon, we'll see how that goes though.


jessica said...

If you can wake up one morning and decide you'll run a marathon that day, training for a triathlon will be easy! Good luck! They are a lot of fun, well as long as you stay on the course!

Eli said...

I agree on the turtle knecks! when I see on at The Gap I always think they looks nice, but never nice to your kneck

andrea said...

oh I completely disagree. I love turtle necks and being "one of those girl" Anything to keep warm I always say. And you are basically the coolest for dressing up like Santa. Brooke, we need to catch up sometime soon. What's your email address?