Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle

If you ever watch some of our old Tolman family video's from Christmas time when we're decorating our tree you'll be able to see just how much fun we have when we decorate our tree, but what you'll really notice is how our eyes light up when all the decorations were on and my parents would hand out packages of silver tinsel to sprinkle on the tree to give it that finishing look. That was the part of Christmas we all loved.

Unfortunately, my childhood joy of putting tinsel on the tree each year was ripped away from me when we moved to St. Louis. My mom suddenly decided that tinsel wasn't "in" anymore and that it looked flashy and not up to our high Christmas decoration standards anymore. So as of the year 2000, we've been tinsel-free sadly. Our tree's since then just haven't had the glow that they use to, there was nothing for the Christmas lights to reflect off of, and a piece of my heart was missing as I never felt like we truly completed decorating the tree.

This year, i decided i'd had enough of this shenanigans and i made a call to the tinsel fairy who kindly decided to help me out. The tinsel fairy started putting a few piece of tinsel a day on our Christmas tree, so at first you didn't really notice, but day by day the tinsel would multiply and spread out over a little larger area of the tree, until one day Mom finally noticed the tinsel. Initially, she freaked out a little. Tinsel on our beautiful Christmas tree...what has Christmas become?? But, that night when the rest of the lights were off except for the tree lights and they were reflecting off the tinsel, did she see how the tinsel really enhanced the tree. And so, after 10 years of being tinsel-free, I'm proud to say Mom has finally embraced tinsel again and Christmas can once again be a joyous occasion.

Thank You tinsel fairy for doing what i could not do.

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