Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life as i know it.

I once made a list of everything i wanted to do before i died, and i was really good for awhile to try and do things and cross them off, and then in the past couple years, while it's crossed my mind occasionally, i haven't really looked at it...until last night!

Last night i re-read through it, there are exactly 309 things on the list, and while reading through it, i realized i could cross off 4 of them! I'm not sure how many of the 309 that i've done, it's definitely less than half. But...a lot of them are pretty easy to do, so here are the ones that I think I should easily be able to cross off in the next year, and if you can help, or would like to be apart of any of them, let me know!

15. Swim a Mile
30. Visit Japan (Heather you should like that one!)
37. Wax my legs (i think, although painful, every woman should try it once)
56. Learn to juggle
103. Learn how to moon walk
128. Graduate from college
133. Coach a little kids sports team (next semester i'm coaching a little league basketball team!)
240. Get a massage
267. Create and name my own constellation (i'll make this one happen in December when i watch the meteor shower)
275. Go laser tagging
280. Break a bone (not that i will MAKE this one happen, but i'm hoping it does while i'm still on my parents health insurance)
304. Learn to whistle with my fingers
305. learn to tie a tie.
308. Shoot a bow and arrow


jessica said...

ok christmas break lets cross off 15, 240, and 275. And you'll have to explain to me why you have break a bone on your list, do you mean break someone else's bone (not that I would understand that desire either) or are you really looking forward to having a bone broken?

Heather said...

Brooke, when you come to Japan we can go get massages--asian ladies do great massages, we can also shoot a bow and arrow. I am with Jess, why do you want to break a bone--it isn't fun and then your muscle atrophies and looks weird. Also, instead of your legs, go get your eyebrows waxed--we can do that in Japan also. I can't believe you have never been laser tagging. I am glad that Jess is going to help you with those.

brooketolman said...

Jess, i can't swim a mile at christmas, i can barely swim a lap right now...remember over the summer when i tried to learn how to do the butterfly? me and swimming don't mesh.