Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random thoughts on running

every once in awhile i post reasons why i love to run, and recently i was reading an article which gave me yet again another reason to love running.

Those who run 3-5 times a week are in the top 1% of the general population.

I've never been in the top 1% of anything, not in school, not in sports, not in anything...and look at me now! I'm a top 1%-er!! Yeah baby!!

Today in kickboxing we were going at it really intense and the instructor was like, "this is why we don't eat mcdonalds, so we can feel this good" or something along those lines and i thought to myself..."no, this is why i work out, so that i can eat mcdonalds and not feel bad".

Someday i'm going to write a book entitled, "Anyone can run a marathon". Because i honestly believe anyone can. If they think they can do it and don't worry about times or running fast or anything like that, anyone could run a marathon. And after i write my book, i will travel the world speaking at self-help seminars and molding people's minds into thinking that they can run marathons and making millions in the process.


Beckie said...

Do you have a gold's pass??? Some girls and I are taking the Zumba classes... I am horribly uncoordinated, but it is a WORKOUT!

brooketolman said...

i don't, i forwent my gym pass this year, but i use to go to that one at 24 and i was HORRIBLE at it.

Bryce & Cherise said...

wow awesome! I'm excited to come to one of your seminars and have you mold MY mind! goodness! I need it....I'm getting fat! lol