Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meteor Showers!

Last night, and early early into this morning, Kat and I, armed with 7-11 hot chocolate and a few snacks, ventured up the canyon to watch the Leonid meteor shower. We only ended up seeing about 5 shooting stars, a few of them were REALLY good ones though and a few were just mediocre, and despite being really cold, we greatly enjoyed ourselves. Well i suppose i shouldn't speak for Kat, but i greatly enjoyed myself. We weren't very far from the road and a lot of cars kept driving up and shining their lights on us, and i wanted to throw rocks at them, but i didn't. I had only ever seen 1 shooting star in my life, so i pentupled (word?) my number of shooting stars i'd seen in just one night!!

This was just our practice run, there's suppose to be another meteor shower in December, the geminids meteor shower, which is suppose to be really good and it's suppose to peak at 11p.m. so we don't have to stay up too late. I encourage EVERYONE to go and enjoy natures fireworks.

Geminid Meteor Shower
December 13-14
Peaks at 11p.m. (mst) on the 13th.
100 meteors an hour


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