Friday, November 13, 2009

Bus Adventures

I don't know what it is about people on the bus, but i've noticed that people who ride the bus regularly have no idea where to draw the line when it comes to talking about their personal lives. All too often in the past 2 weeks, i've been sitting there minding my own business, headphones in my ears and reading a book and someone will sit down next to me and start spilling their heart. Examples:

-An old guy sat down next to me and he seemed nice at first...until he started talking to me about his marital problems. How after 50 years of marriage he felt the spark had gone out and just wasn't sure what to do. And he got detailed about their problems. Not something i really want to hear about.

-The next day, a younger guy sat down next to me. He seemed normal at first too, besides the fact that he was carrying his stuff around in an empy cardboard box as opposed to a backpack, but hey, to each his own. He was reading this book on the theory of relativity so we got to talking...and then somehow he starts talking about his wife. Their one year anniversary is in december and he wanted advice on how to celebrate. Should he propose again? Or keep it simple and have a romantic night at home, or take her on a trip somewhere...I told him i was the last person he wanted to ask these things, seeing as i have no romantic side at all. On my one year anniversary my husband can take me out for chinese and i'll call it good.

-The next time i rode the bus, a rather attractive looking guy, with no wedding ring sat down next to me...score! I was talking on the phone with a friend from home and mentioned something along the lines of being 1000 miles away from him. When i got off the phone, the guy started quizzing me on long distance relationships. Had i been in one? How i felt about them? etc..and i was lost as to where these questions were coming from, until i figured out, he thought i was talking to a boyfriend on the phone who was living 1000 miles away. I promptly explained it was just a friend, but that didnt' stop him from talking about long distant relationships. I heard all about his girlfriend who was living in London right now (and anytime he spoke of her, he mimicked her english accent!) and how hard it was, and how neither had enough money to go visit, yadda yadda yadda. I don't care.

-Another guy told me about how his girlfriend is obsessed with making indoor s'mores and how he hates them but cant tell her because she'd have a fit. So he eats them everyday, and sometimes throws up afterwards because his body can't handle sweets. And they're getting married in January.

-One guy found me on facebook, i'm not sure how but i promptly denied his friend request.

I think you get the point. creepy people ride the bus. Don't trust anyone. And don't tell people your life story, unless they ask, because odds are they don't want to hear it.


charlotte said...

Oh Brooke, I love this post.

emily said...

hahaha. this is great. i want to come bus-riding with you just so that i can hear meet these interesting characters. I'm trying to pick a favorite out of these guys, but it's tough.

cait. said...

Brooke. Just spill it. You get to let it all out and there aren't any consequences. What could be better?