Saturday, October 31, 2009


My halloween day has been pretty good so far. My cousin showed me some really really funny SNL skits this morning, which got my morning off with a bang...if anyone is in the mood to laugh, boy do i have something for you to watch. Then Mychal and I watched a scary movie and made cherry puff deliciousness things. (i dont know what they are really called). Can i just say, that i love scary movies? I don't know what it is, but i love to scare myself. You can almost definitely be assured that i have one hand grabbing onto the person next to me and on arm wrapped around a pillow or blanket or something like that. I get scared easily but I love it! And then after that I came home and went for a nice relaxing 8 mile run, which does wonders to help clear your mind. And since then I've been studying physics, eating steak, and trying to get rid of all my old birthday treats.

And boy do i have fun plants tonight...

I'm going to dress up like a grungy college my sweats and transformers t-shirt...and STUDY MORE PHYSICS! woo hoo!!! I think this is the first year i won't have done anything for Halloween, sad.

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