Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthday Celebration

So last night my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Dave and cousins invited me over to celebrate my birthday with them. First they banished me to the basement for an hour and had grandpa babysit me while they were decorating...and boy were their decorations good. There was a sign that said "Brooke looks as good as a chocolate chip cookie"! If that's not love, then what is?

Next awesome thing that happened at this party was the present they got me...don't be too jealous, but they got me a snuggie. Yes, i am now the proud owner of a red real-life snuggie. Come over anytime you want and test it out...the bonus was, it came with a sweet reading light. That was probably the best part of the snuggie. They are actually really cheaply made and not warm at all.

The best part of my birthday celebration was dinner. My uncle is the master of making steaks on the grill. They melt in your mouth they are so good. There was one leftover after we finished eating and so they told me to take it home when i left in the morning. Who am i to refuse a great t-bone steak? Best part was, i warmed it up for dinner tonight and was sitting on my couch chowing down on my steak and one of my roommates walks in and says "Holy cow, that's a lot of red meat. You sure you want to eat that all of that cow?" and i thought about it a minute to myself and then replied back heartily with a "yup, i'm pretty sure i do" (mind you she's a vegetarian). She then left, but everytime she walked back into the room, which was 3 or 4 times she'd drop comments like, "That sure is a lot of meat" or "that poor cow" or a number of other comments that showed her disgust for the amount of meat i was eating, or how she felt bad for the poor cow that i was eating. I found it funny.

The last awesome aspect of my family birthday party was the movie my Uncle picked out for us to watch. A birthday, in true Tolman family style, isn't complete without watching a good western. According to my Uncle, since i didn't have a man in my life, i should strive to find one like the star of the western movie Trinity...which we watched. It was awesome, not quite as good as a john wayne, but it sufficed.

Needless to say, family is the best. Whether they be immediate or distant, it's all the same. After feeling sort of homesick for a few weeks, this was exactly what i needed.

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