Saturday, October 31, 2009

A diamond in the rough

I took a drive through springville the other day to go visit the elementary school that my roommate Katie works at, and can i tell you that i never knew Springville, Utah was so cool! Goodness, that little town has some character! There's about a billion places i want to visit there someday. For example, it is full of hole in the wall, cute little restaurants like Kranky Franks, and T-Bone(which is a Chinese Restaurant!), Charlie Boys BBQ Pit, and a cool trolley restaurant. What I want to see most in springville though is the toy store. It's called Funfinity and it looks like a dream come true. I've never seen a toy store that looks like it'd be more fun. There's a sweet Art Gallery in springville too which i've heard good things about. Basically what i'm saying is some day, i'm giong and spending a day in Springville, your more than welcome to come. Who would've guessed it would be soo cool?

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charlotte said...

Let's have a Springville day. Okay? Okay.