Friday, September 18, 2009

Who do you think you are??

I hate sprinklers. Every morning as i'm walking to school, it never fails, one pops out of the grass and soaks me. And even if i manage to dodge out of the way just in time, i always end up dodging into a puddle or into a muddy part of the grass, so then instead of having to walk to school in wet jeans, i have to walk to school in wet shoes. Who are these people that set their sprinklers to go off at 8 a.m.? Don't they know it's better to water your lawn before the sun comes up or even at night? Or do they set them that way on purpose and then sit at their windows while eating breakfast in the morning and watch all the kids get wet as they walk by? I bet they do. Plus don't they know it's a waste of water to water the sidewalk? Point your sprinklers in the right direction people, I shouldn't be forced to walk in the street just to stay dry.