Thursday, September 17, 2009


Everyday this week i thought it was thursday, and everyday when i found out that it wasn't, i was really disappointed. But finally...TODAY IS THURSDAY! Yippee!!

There's tons of reasons to love Thursdays for example, it's the day before Friday and Friday marks the beginning of the weekend!

Another great reason to love Thursdays is it's fantastic array of TV show options, such as The Office, Bones and Grey's Anatomy.

Who can forget that Thursday is CHEAP GRITTY ICECREAM Day as well. (At BuyLow you can get fantastic soft serve icecream for a mere 25 cents.) Granted, Kat and I have only partaken of this offer once, however we speak of it often. It's pure heaven.

Thursdays is also the day i go teach Japanese at my cousins house, which not only provides me with a fun filled hour playing games with kids, but a delicious home cooked meal. (Lately Jas has been canning and freezing so i've been sent home with amazing things like homemade salsa, frozen corn, freezer jam of a wide variety and canned tomato sauce..I have no complaints)

Also, Thursdays i don't have class until 10 and then i have an hour and a half break before my next class which means Thursdays are usually REALLY productive for me.

i LOVE Thursdays.

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