Monday, August 31, 2009

Mi Vida es Muy Bueno

Can i just take a moment to say that life is GOOD? because it is. I think you would be hard pressed right now to find someone who is as happy with their life as i am....and here are the reasons why:

I got to visit home.( I love stl)
My brother took me to see GI Joe AND gave me free desserts from Outback.
Speaking of which, i got to see the Mexicans at outback and get awkward hugs.
My mom made me apple pie.
We did Chinese and a movie.
I got to eat Charlotte's Rib french fries with my bestest friend EVER! (Sarah T. that one's for you!)
I got to experience the sport of dog-diving first hand.
I went boating and jet-skiing
I got to drive Missouri roads at sundown in a convertible (Does is get much better than that? I think not.)
2 words-dried mango.
I have awesome friends (and a lot of them just got back to Provo!!)
I moved into a sweet house and have some pretty rockin' roommates.
Across from my new house they are building a new park complete with swings and when it's finished i'll be able to swing whenever i want.
My new ward is really friendly.
I'm taking classes i'm actually excited about.
I have bangs.
It's almost fall.
I'm single.
I went to a Monster Truck Rally.
I got GraveDiggers autograph...along with a few select others.
I only have to work 20 hours a week now.
I got two REAL letters in the mail yesterday.
The circus is coming to town! (Who wants to waste $10 with me?!?)
My birthday is in 57 days.
I shaved my legs this morning and they are REALLY incredibly smooth.
I get to go grocery shopping this week.
I live further from campus which means i have more time to think or just enjoy listening to music on my walk to and from.
I lost 1 pound!
I can call my sister in Japan now! (it totally sucked having to wait for her to call me.)
My Wendy's buddy is back.
I have a real schedule again. (which makes it more fun to do spontaneous things)
One of the women's bathrooms in the Eyring building has a toilet that has been continually flushing (everytime i've gone in there ) for the past 3 weeks. Huge waste of water...yes, however i can't help but get a kick out of it everytime i go in there. (I'm easily amused)
I'm healthy.
I'm alive.
I have the gospel and my testimony is as strong as ever.

Life is good.


Mychal Allen said...

I WANNA WASTE $10!!!!!!!!!

Pick me!

Pick me!

*Frantically jumping up and down holding one hand in the air*

Heather said...

Brooke, I am SOOOOO glad I made your list!!! However, I don't think you have ever called me--you need to change that, this is becoming a one sided relationship!!! Glad life is treating you so well and you are so happy!

Anonymous said...

you moved into a house?? what? where are you? Let's go back to STL>