Friday, September 18, 2009

Story of my Life

Most everyone i know has heard this story by now, but for those select few that didn't get the chance, here is yet another story to remind you of just how smooth i am.

So, it's the first week of school and it's a Tuesday morning. I didn't have class until 10 and i hadn't bought my books yet so I thought i'd go to campus early and get my books then just hang out till class started. (A quick side note: The class I had at 10 wasn't one I had actually added yet, I was going to go to the class so that I could ask the teacher to sign my add/drop card because it was a class i really needed to take this semester) So it's around 8:30 a.m. and I'm getting all my books and the last one i had to pick up was my physics book. So here I am, staring down at the pallet full of physics books and there's like 12 different editions on the pallet and i have absolutely no clue which one i need. I'm pretty sure i stared down that pallet for a good 10 minutes. I failed to notice this boy had come over and picked up a physics book and was standing there as well until he asked me if i was taking physics that semester..Duh!, why else would i be buying the book? I didn't say that though, instead i said yes and mentioned how i was having trouble figuring out which of the many physics book i needed to buy though (at this point, i was still staring intently at the mountain of books in front of me and had yet to look up at this kid). The guy promptly started digging through the pile of books and pulled one out of the stack and handed it to me saying that it was the book i needed. I thanked him and started for the line to check-out.

He followed me and went onto introduce himself as Kyle. It wasn't until I went to introduce myself back to him that i finally glanced up and looked at him and I lost all the poise I had. He was cute, like really, really attractive and the fact that he'd been so nice to me made him even more attractive. Fumbling over words and feeling really nervous because of a guy is not in my nature, but this one was an exception. So we continued to talk while we waited in line, for another 10 minutes or so. During this time I made numerous lame jokes and the fact that he laughed at them made me even more attracted to him. We were at the front of the line now and i was next to be checked out and he asked me if i was in the 9a.m. physics class and i, without even thinking replied "Yes!" Problem with that is, i'm definitely not in the 9a.m. class, i'm definitely in the 12:30p.m., so i don't know what i was thinking. Right after i answered, it was my turn to go check out so our convrsation was left at that. And after checking out, i briefly looked around for him but didn't see him and continued on my way out.

As i was leaving the bookstore, i noticed him right in front of me and in my head i figured I had told him i was in the 9 a.m. class so i might as well go to that class today. It was about 8:45 by now and i figured he was on his way there, so i decided just to follow him. At the time i thought it was a smart plan, while i was following i decided it wasn't such a great plan, i felt like a creepster and i was close enough behind him I think he knew i was following him. So we come to the door of the building we're suppose to go into and he opens up the first set of doors and I run smack into him! i was mortified. I'm sure my face was beet red as i looked up and muttered a quick apology. He said something back to me but i don't even know what it was i was too embarrassed to even listen. We get to the second set of doors and he opens it up for me and lets me go through first. At this point i realize, we are now in the building and I'm now in front of him and I have NO idea where to go. Not the slightest clue. So i take a guess and go up some stairs and he follows luckily. I figure i can step into the restroom really quick, let him pass by, and then come back out and follow him. So i do go into the bathroom really quick and wait a minute or so and then come back out to the hallway and he had stopped to get a drink at the waterfountain right outside the bathroom i was in. So i stopped short when i realized he was right there and realized i still didn't know where to go and then just hurried around the corner because i got embarrassed again.

Luckily I ran into the professor that teaches the class and i walked back to class with him and sat in the back. After i sat down i spotted the cute boy and he looked back and made eye contact with me and then a few minutes later i saw him sort of nod his head up towards me while he was talking to his friend. He was probably explaining to his friend about the creepy stalker girl he met at the bookstore that morning. That first week of school I continued to run into that same boy at least twice a day, everyday. My initial reaction everyday was to turn in the opposite direction and run! Luckily I haven't seen him since. But good gracious, he was good looking.


Andino said...

oh this story it great.

charlotte said...

I seriously love this story. Love it.