Saturday, September 19, 2009

I forgot to tell you..

I forgot to add on this part to the story below...

So I was in the 9 a.m. physics class and it gets to be 9:50 and i think that class should be ending (remind you I had a Linguistics class at 10 a.m. that i needed to go to so that i could add it.) and noone packs up their stuff and the professor just keeps on teaching. I hadn't remembered that physics is an hour and a half long class. So here I am, smack dab in the middle of a bunch of people, no way to get out without making a huge disturbance and so I have no other choice but to just stay. By the time class gets out, there's no point in trying to go to my linguistics class because i'd only be there for like 20 minutes. So later that day i write my Linguistics professor an email explaining to him that I wanted to add the class but i wasn't able ot make it that day and just asking if he was still taking add/drop cards. He writes me back this e-mail later that day:


Did you come today? I don't recall your name from class today. I added three people today and usually don't add people who aren't there on the first day, In all honestly if a student doesn't arrive on the first day of class, it makes a professor wonder if you're going to show up every day and if you'll submit things when you're supposed to. Sometimes i make exceptions however, come by my office sometime tomorrow and I'll decide if I feel like you deserve to be one of those exceptions

Professor XXXXXXX (I won't give away the name)

So i went to his office the next day and after a lecture, where he didn't even let me explain what happened (what was I going to say anyways, "I followed a cute boy to class and the class ended up being longer than i thought!"), he finally let me add the class. But he "has his eye on me."


charlotte said...

Hahahahahaha oh dear. How can the professor trust you? I mean, you're such a slacker.

Captain Danger said...

Brooke, you totally should have told him the story. You should have put it in your email. You are hilarious, Brooke.