Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I like big butts and I cannot lie...

I feel justified in writing this post because this is something that has been brought to my attention MANY times in my life. I have a nice butt. simple as that. Of course girls check out their butts in the mirrors and of course we all have jeans that we think it looks better in than others, that's just part of being a girl. But, i don't know how often other people get their butts complimented on, but i get it a lot. Therefore, i've come to the conclusion that i have a nice one.

In high-school,these kids started doing these random polls and people could nominate people as like "prettiest girl", "hottest guy", "guy with the biggest muscles" and "girl with the best butt"...Guess who got third in that last category?? Muah! And really it was like i was first because the two girls who got first and second here black girls and they are naturally well endowed in the behind area. I iknow i probably shouldn't be proud, but that was probably one of my greatest accomplishments of my highschool life.

Today I was walking down the hall at work and my boss told me i had a nice butt and i should take that as a compliment because she doesn't think a lot of people have nice ones and she's butt looker-at-er.

Also, today I went to the bathroom (good story i know) and as i was washing my hands, some girl came in and was like "This is probably alittle awkward but those jeans look really good on you from the back." It was a little awkward, not gonna lie. Who compliments a stranger on how their jeans look in backside area?

I don't mean to brag, but i have a nice butt.


charlotte said...

Haha that's awesome! I had no idea that Nan was a butt-checker-out-er. And that girl in the bathroom is hilarious--a little weird, but hilarious.

Heather said...

That's kind of creepy that Nan checks out your butt. However, you do have a great one and it is so nice for so many people to say so!!