Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have no shame.

I'm not going to lie, I've always made fun of people who liked sci-fi type movies and tv shows, especially people who were obsessed with Star Trek. But I am proud to admit, i am a trekkie in the making.

Let me explain. All summer i've been hearing about how AWESOME the new Star Trek movie is. I wanted to see it just because everyone talked so much about it, but i just never got around to it and it wasn't ever very high up on my list of movies to see. But last week, some friends of mine decided to go see it again because it was now in the dollar theater and i went with them and it was SO GOOD! I was entranced the whole time and the fact that it was sci-fi didn't bother me at all. In fact, i loved it.

So after I saw that, I decided to give Star Trek and chance and my friend Cliff and I (Cliff, don't you feel honored to be mentioned by name in my blog?) went and rented the second Star Trek movie-The Wrath of Khan-(the first one had been checked out already) and that one was so good too! It ended with Spock "dying" and the third movie is called The Search for Spock and we rented it tonight and I can't wait to watch it to see what happened to Spock really.

I call myself a trekkie for a couple of reasons. I find myself genuinely excited to watch these movies and to see what happens. Every time their spaceship, the Enterprise, gets shot at or something bad happens, i really fear for the good characters lives. I've started to really identify with them and love them. Star Trek is actually a pretty funny show. I also find myself really wishing that things on Star Trek could actually happen. For one, how cool would it be to be able to transport yourself? Freaking awesome. And those suits they wear...look waaay comfy. And aliens? I'm a definite fan.

Moral of my story, don't knock it till you try it. Live long and prosper.


Captain Danger said...

Yes, Brooke, I do feel honored. I thank you.

Heather said...

Brooke, I disown you--I can't believe I have a trekkie for a sister--WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! I think we need an intervention!

Erin & Brady Gibson said...

HAhaha! My dad is high-fiving someone right now. Aimee has a journal somewhere that says in big bold letters that she *loves* Captain Kirk because he is so hot. You should know that the whole Illinois sect of Tolmans are trekkies...I think we've all seen every episode ever made....and we accept you for who you are. Feel free to come visit when your family won't let you in.