Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Fear not my little ones, the time has finally come for me to blog about my most amazing trip to Yellowstone! Woohoo!!

Let me first start with some background about how this trip came to be. One day at work, my dear friend Kat and I decided we needed some adventure in our lives, and by a stroke of genius, we decided to roadtrip up to Yellowstone for a weekend. So we picked out a weekend and promptly started making lists and planning. The weekend we chose (at random) ended up being Free park weekend and we got into the park free!!( A lucky break for some poor college students.)

On Saturday morning, the 15th of August, we departed on our adventure, and adventure it was. For those that haven't been to Yellowstone, it pretty much is two big loops. So Saturday we did the top loop and Sunday we did the bottom loop. Talk about amazing, I've never been so enthralled in nature before. I really was taken back by just how beautiful it was, i've never been anywhere quite like it. Not only did i get to spend a weekend with my awesome friend Kat, BUT i got to cross off one of the things on my "List of things to do in my life" list...SEE OLD FAITHFUL!! I've wanted to do that since i first learned what Old Faithful was. The whole trip was a blast, and i would do it again in a heartbeat. Below are the pictures from this grand adventure. Enjoy.


Bryce & Cherise said...

FUN! :) I'm so jealous! I STILL have never been there! Miss you!

Aaron said...

You get excited by bison, but you are still afraid of Squirrels? And is there a link between the timing of your visit and Bison rutting season? They do rut in July and August.

Erin & Brady Gibson said...

Mmmm...bison. Makes very tasty meatloaf!