Monday, August 17, 2009

Thoughts from Yellowstone

I haven't yet had a chance to post the pictures from my Yellowstone excursion, however, here are some of the thoughts that were pondered while there...if anyone has the answers, let me know!

Why is it called Yellowstone? None of the stones are yellow.
Why is there a community of houses in Yellowstone? Can you live in yellowstone? And if you can, do you have to pay the park fee everytime you go in and out?
What does an Elk mating call sound like? It's against the park rules and regulations to make one. It's also against the park rules to howl like a wolf. I broke that rule many times.
Where is Cain? I think he's hiding in Yellowstone, under Old Faithful to be exact.
How come they name random mountains, but not all of them? Do they not all deserve a name? What makes one mountain more special than another?
Are Buffalo and Bison one in the same? If not, what's the difference? and if so, why do they need two names?
Do you play dead when a grizzly bear attacks or a black bear? I know that one of them you act dead and the other you make yourself big, but i don't know which goes with which. If i'm ever in that situation, I don't want to act dead for the one i'm suppose to make myself look big against, or vice versa.
What makes nature smell so great?
How come trees will grow all over a mountainside, except in one spot?
What attracts so many foreigners (especially asians) to Yellowstone? Don't they have any of their own cool national parks in their own countries?

These were just some of my yellowstone thoughts.


Heather said...

Brooke, don't knock the asians (I am becoming one). There are way cool parks here, they just like to travel a lot. Maybe if you came here you could see for yourself!

Captain Danger said...

Oh, Heather just proved wrong what I was going to say about Asians. However, I can tell you that you play dead with a grizzly bear and look big for a black bear. I learned about that in Boy Scouts!