Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Bells.

Today is the day, I finally become a real woman. Let me explain. First some background information about how this realization came about.

Today at work, my valuable time was spent putting together wedding invitations for one of the professors in the department. If anyone has done this before, they know it can be a long and boring process. First you have to type it up, then print it out, then tie pretty bows on it and address it and it. can. take. FOREVER! During this long, boring process, is when I became like every other unmarried woman alive. I started to plan my own future wedding. I've always prided myself on the fact that i'm not one of those girls that knows her wedding colors yet, or the type of ring she wants, or how she wants to be proposed to, yadda yadda yadda.

Today was my downfall. In the middle of this process of making wedding announcements, i made a vow to myself that i would keep my wedding (should i have one someday) extrememly simple. And this is how my wedding plan came to be. Here are my ideas thus far:

Wedding ring: 2 words: cubic zirconium. Noone except a professional is going to know the difference. I'd rather go cheap while i'm poor and we can buy a nicer one after we've struck it rich.

Wedding Invitations:
I'm just going to use post-it's. They will say "Brooke and some cute guy are getting hitched on this time and this date in this Temple. Be there with a gift, or don't come at all" And i'm only sending them to people i know. Not all my Mom's cousins, cousins or old neighbors that knew me when i was 4. They're the ones that send the useless wedding gifts that you can't take back and get a refund for anyways.

Wedding Dress: People always say it doesn't matter how you dress, right? I own a lot of white things, as long as i'm wearing something white to my reception, people won't care. I don't think i want to spend $500 on a dress i'll only wear one day and then will hang in my closet the rest of my life. Seems like a waste of money to me. I'd rather put that money towards a nice TV, a new car, my honeymoon...or even my first months rent.

Wedding reception: I definitely don't need a fancy reception. Noone likes those anways. The wedding party gets tired of standing there talking to people they don't know and their feet start to hurt, and the guests only really go for the food in the first place. So my reception is going to be a barbeque in a park somewhere (maybe Castlewood because i love it so much). BYOM-Bring your own be barbequed, we can have us some shish-kabobs. Okay okay maybe I'll splurge and buy some salads or fruit (maybe some watermelon...definitely some pineapple to be bbq'd up) and then we'll all play some ultimate frisbee or football. And yes, i will be playing in my white dress.
Wedding Cake: This is probably the most important part of the day right here. What's a wedding without good wedding cake right?? So i'm either thinking, a huge stack of zebra cakes or a bunch of homemade pies. or both. It's still up for debate.
But I'm determined to make it nice and simple. Especially after this ordeal of having to make like 300 wedding invitaions today. Most likely, we'll start out as a poor married couple, so why not use the money for something useful rather than all on frivolous things that we'll probably find tacky in a few short years? Just a thought.


Heather said...

Brooke--cheapo--your wedding day is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life--you can't serve zebra cakes and the great thing about sending out tons of invitations is tons of MONEY and presents--trust me! Also, you can have my wedding dress that will save you the money. Just let me know when this hillbilly affair is going to take place!

Cherise Davies said...

You make me LAUGH. Seriously. Love it. Zebra cakes...heck yes. Oh, and I totally remembered you always saying that your reception would be a potluck BYO whatever. So you WERE planning that part... ;)
Love you! miss you!
C C Cookie dough sounds really good right now

Anonymous said...

We are so opposite! I have been the girl who knows what her colors are, what temple, what ring, blah blah blah forEVER!!! Oh dear! How did we become such good funny-friends if we are so opposite?!

charlotte said...

Love this post. Hilarious. I laugh every time I read it. Every time.

Andino said...

haha! I was so with you on this, but then I got married and it's really nice because you invite a million people and they bring a gift and your mom whispers their name in your ear before they come through the line, so you can smile and pretend like you know them.