Thursday, May 21, 2009


So my latest endeavor that i plan to embark on is buying a bike. I always see all these people riding their bikes to campus and around Provo and they look so happy. You can't help but not be happy when riding your bike. I figure it's a good investment. I'll save money on gas, because i won't use my car as much. For example, instead of driving to the gym, i can bike to the gym. Or instead of driving to the grocery store, i can bike to the grocery store. I never buy that many groceries in the first place, all i'd have to do is shove them in my backpack. Not only will i be saving money on gas, but i'll be saving the world as well. Hello, less driving means less air pollution. Plus, more biking means a hotter body! I at one time in my life was given the award of having a hot body (by Cait and Amber) but those days are long gone, i'm determined to get them back with my biking plan. haha. Really i just want a bike. Someday soon, when i save my money, i'll have one.

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