Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a christmas miracle!

I am a faithful blood donor. I think donating blood is one of the best ways you can serve others and it only takes an hour at the most. Not only do you get free juice and cookies, but you can save 3 lives AND burn 650 calories. What do you have to loose? (besides a little blood!hehehe i'm so funny.)

Anyways, a little of my blood donating history before i tell you about the miracle that happened today. I like donating blood, but it is by no means an easy process for me most of the time. About 40 % of the time i fail my iron test. And I can't remember a time where i donated and didn't end up blacking out or getting really dizzy. And usually it takes me a good long 10 or 15 minutes to fill my bag up! I figure a little dizziness is nothing i can't handle if it's for a good cause right?

Today, i decided to give blood sort of last minute. I was suppose to give it yesterday but I didn't have time to take off at work so i couldn't do it. So i was a little worried that i'd be really sick after giving it since i wasn't at all prepared, and i hadn't drank much water. But I did it anyways. Not only did i pass my iron test with flying colors according to the doctor dude, but I filled up my bag in 4 minutes and the room didn't start to spin one bit. It's a christmas miracle.


Heather said...

Brooke, I think I am the only one that leaves comments, but it is because you are my favorite sister. Great job on giving blood--you have no idea how much people appreciate that. You are making a difference and such a sacrifice and I am glad that this time it was so easy.

emily said...

ShamWow! I tried to give blood once last year, but I failed the iron test, too. I'm determined to eat a ton of beef this summer, so I'll be ready to donate come fall.