Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Apple of My Eye

Somebody complained the other day that I devoted too many posts to Heather and not enough to anyone else in the family, more specifically Lance. (I wonder who it was that was complaing...take a wild guess??) So, for that persons sake, and so they'll stop being such a pansy...i now dedicate this post to my dear brother Lance.

Oh gosh, what can i say about this kid?? So much to choose from! Lance is my buddy, Lance is my pal! but for real, growing up he was always my protector and for that i am grateful. Without him, Aaron would have beat up on me a lot more than he already did! He also protects me from weird boys that want to date me and gets back at the ones who break my heart! I don't know if he really actually cares about me or he just likes to pull pranks on old boyfriends. Either way, i feel loved!

Lance is funny. He can always make me laugh and i always look forward to his phone calls and seeing him. I had the great opportunity of working with him my first year of college and we had some good times. He poked holes in my juice so that it would spill out on me when i drank it and made little animals out of paperclips and my donuts.(This was always after i would buy him treats from the vending machine..where's the love??)--Which brings me to my next point, Lance is a mooch and a muttface, and a dirty rat.
Lance has good taste. I mean he chose Jess as a wife right? he couldn't have done much better than her! I love hanging out with the two of them so much and still wish they lived in Utah! Lance, despite having a major dealing with GPS, has no sense of direction. It took us three seperate saturdays to find the cave we were looking for when we went geocaching. Finally on the third time, we realized we were on the wrong mountain! Thanks for all the adventures Lance!

Alright, well i think i've sufficiently made it clear how much i love my brother!


Heather said...

Lance--Did you write this blog??? I don't believe half of the stuff that was written--except for the part about Jess and you being a mutt-face!

Namlot said...

Oh Brooke I was so suprised to see you wrote this nice post about me. Thank you so much. Just to set the record straight it was Aaron who asked you to post about me. Next time don't get all mushy on me, its WEIRD.