Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a few thoughts

This weekend, or really the last couple days, have been really thought provoking. That's to be expected because of conference and all, but i just wanted to share some insights that i've gained over the past couple days.

Granted i didn't watch all the sessions of conference, of the ones i did watch i noticed the topic of temples was brought up a lot. Even if it wasn't the main focus of the talk being given, it felt like it was touched on quite a bit. It got me thinking a lot about my own temple attendance. Granted I am not endowed, therefore i can only do baptisms, it's still just as important for me to go! I can still gain blessings from going and not only that, it's such a selfless act of service. I'm performing ordinances for someone that they can't do themselves and helping with their eternal progression! Why wouldn't i want to take advantage of that. It's always stressed to make a regular habit of making temple visits and i use to just think that was because, the more you visit, the more work can get done. But I think it's largely for our own sake, not to sound selfish or anything. But if we are making regular temple visits, it means we are worthy to hold a temple recommend and as long as we are worthy to hold a temple recommend, i feel like we have to be doing pretty good in life. That was just one of many things that i learned from conference.

The other thing that really had an impact on me so far this week was Kat invited to me go to a concert with her last night. It was a benefit concert for a local pianish Paul Cardall who is suffering from congenital heart disease adn is on the waiting list for a heart translplant. We originally went more to see the people performing and didn't know much about that cause, but it ended up being a really great experience. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the life that I have been given. I have it so easy compared to some people and i take it for granted everyday. I've never had anyone real close to me suffer from any long-term, life threatening diseases and so i can't really empathize with people who have. I gained a whole new respect for them though. Paul, the man the concert was for, and his family, was just so optimistic and so happy still despite being so sick. It made me wonder what sort of attitude i would have if i was in his situation. In the end, it just made me realize that i need to be more grateful for my health and for the health of those people that i love and that i need to take advantage of the life that i have because it could be taken from me at any moment!

Needless to say, i'm grateful for weekends like this that really put life in perspective for me.

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charlotte said...

Conference really is amazing--I love how it makes me want to revamp my life and commit to being better. There were so many amazing talks last Conference--ShamWow.