Monday, April 13, 2009


It's that time of year again almost...SUMMERTIME!! which translates into lots and lots of reading just for fun! Yay!! I hardly ever check out books to read during the school year because i know i'll just get addicted to them and read those instead of what i need to read for class, but as soon as summer hits, i'm all over the library! I love to read, even more than watching TV, i never get sick of reading! Anyways, as the end of this semester approaches, I'm trying to come up with a summer reading list for myself because it's a lot easier to go to the library with a purpose than wander around it for hours trying to find a good book amongst all those books, soooo, i'm enlisting your help! Please give me ideas for good books to read, or ones you have read! And...for all you readers out there, you should all join so you can share in the goodness of books!

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charlotte said...

Yay for goodreads!! You were one of my first goodreads friends. (Comment #2 in 10 minutes.)