Saturday, April 4, 2009

I made it!!

Today i ran my second half marathon! I think, since I've now run two of them, i should be able to put them together and say I've run a whole marathon! What do you think?? I am going to be honest, this one seemed a lot harder than the first one i ran. I don't know if was the lack of training, snow that was falling, the fact my knees felt like they were going to be ripped out of my legs, or that i was too busy drooling over all the cute boys that were running that i kept forgetting to breath, but either way, i survived and ran it in just a couple minutes over 2 hours, which i find to be quite the accomplishment! I meant to take a picture of me with my number and all decked otu for the race, but i forgot, so deal with it!

My hopes and dreams of running a marathon were pretty much dashed around mile 7 when i just wanted to quit. And i realized that if this was a marathon, i'd have 19 more miles to go. No thank you! Although, maybe training, both mentally and physically, would help with that. It wasn't so much that my legs were tired, i just got bored after awhile. Anywho...i had fun and i'm glad i did it!

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jessica said...

you're my hero, I've been "training" for a 1/2 marathon now for a couple of months and I feel no where near ready to run one. Good for you!