Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She wore the dress, and i stayed home...

My sister Heather, or Mrs. H, as Aaron and I once nicknamed her back in the day (And for your sake Heather, the full nickname and the reason for it will remain annonymous), is the best and it just happens to be her birthday today!! So this post goes out to you Heather!!

Here are just a few things i love about her:

-She is the best advice giver i can think of. Granted, she's not very good at keeping secrets, so i don't come to her always for advice because if i do, suddenly the whole family seems to know my business, but when i need it, she's there for me! She is the backbone of my trust circle, most of the time!

-She makes the best roadtrip mixes! From back in Highschool when we made a couple trips up to Chicago to the New York mix from this summer. You know exactly what music makes for the best roadtrips! (didn't see that one coming did ya??)

-She is such a great example to me in so many ways. I love how great of a Mom you are to Ethan and Kailey. I learned so much this summer just by watching you and you get me really excited to become a mom someday.

-I love that your so stylish! Shopping with you is the best, not only because you help me pick out cute clothes and give me honest opinions about how they look but because your the best at finding sales! Plus, i love that we can share clothes. When living close by it's like having 2 closets (except when your pregnant!).

-I love that you know how to cook so well! Not only has that kept me fed on numerous occasions but i loved learning how this summer from you!

There are so many more things i love about you, but i'm running low and brain power right now and can't think. Thanks for being the best sister i could ask for!


Heather said...

Brooke, I got teary eyed reading your post. First off, I loved the title--very clever, secondly, you said some of the nicest things--things I wouldn't have thought of. You are the best sister ever and I am so glad to be your sister and can't tell you how much fun I had last summer when you lived with us. Plan on doing it again next summer!! I love you!!

Namlot said...

Which Heather were you talking about? I am not sure I have met that one.