Sunday, February 15, 2009

My kind of Valentine

So turns out, Valentines day wasn't a complete bust. There's at least one man in this world who cares enough about me to send me a little something special. Here's the e-mail and the attached picture

Brooke -
Since you don't have a sweetheart to celebrate Valentines with, I know that you must be a little sad. I thought that I would brighten your day with a picture to bring back old times when you used to find so much joy in rubbing my feet.

Thinking of you..... Love, Dad

Here's some quick clarifications:
1. I NEVER rubbed my dad's feet. I hate feet. And no offense dad but your feet are gross, so gross that i don't even like touching your socks!!
2. He just had foot surgery, thus the purple toes!
3. I laughed so hard when i opened this e-mail. it was by far the best Valentine ever!
Love you dad!


Rick Tolman said...

Love you Brooke. There is someone special out there for you and boy are they in for some fun. You are a beautiful and fun young lady.

A great catch! Love, Dad

Heather said...

Brooke, that was precious (to quote you)--you are such a sweet spirit and some guy is just waiting to catch you--don't despair!!