Friday, February 20, 2009

The Answer to Life

I made a fantastical rediscovery today. I rediscovered...
THE LITERARY BOOK OF ANSWERS!!(I found it in a box in my closet!)
It's a rather thick book full of quotes from various literary sources. The instructions, as said on the back of the book, are as follows:
1.Hold the CLOSED book in your hand, on you lap, or on a table.
2. Take 10 or 15 seconds to concentrate on a yes or no question.
3. While visualizing or speaking your question, place one hand palm down on the book's front cover and stroke the pages from back to front.
4. When you sense the time is right, open the book and there will be your answer.

So, as i'm sitting here, alone, on a Friday night...(don't judge), I decided to whip it out again and get some answers to many of life's questions i've been pondering. Here are some of the results. (These are all the true answers that i got!!)

Question: Will I be stuck living in Utah the rest of my life??
Answer: To turn and fly is now too late

Question: Should i stop being a loser and go be social??
Answer: Your not up to it, stay where you are

Will I get married??
Answer: That is unlikely

Will I travel a lot someday
Answer: Don't even dispute it

Should i be studying right now??
Answer: Hold out and fortify

So basically i found out tonight that i'll be lonely forever, but at least i'll travel a lot. I'll probably be traveling a lot because i'll be stuck living in Utah for some reason. And..i'm suppose to stay home tonight and NOT do homework. I think i'm okay with that.

So ask me questions people and i will summon the almighty powers of the Literary Book of Answers and let you know what your future holds!


emily said...

Hahaha. Those are hilarious! I wish a book would tell me to stay in my room and watch Chuck all day.

Captain Danger said...

Brooke, that's hilarious. You eventually disobeyed that book on Friday night, though. Later!

soccerdale18 said...

Should Chuck and Sarah just get over it and start a real relationship?

Cherise Davies said...

hahaha! How funny!

But You WILL get married. I can feel it. ;)