Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Old Love Rekindled

In highschool and back when i lived at home, I fell in love with snacking on frozen blueberries. I don't remember quite when it happened but there was a time when i would go through bags a week, luckily my mom kept our freezer well stocked! They are the perfect snack for anytime! They are sweet and healthy and studies have shown that blueberries help boost your memory and we all know i need help remembering things. Well when i left for college, i was thrown into the real world and found out that frozen blueberries are not too cheap. And so since then i only have them on rare occasions. But today, i was once again reunited with frozen blueberries and despite the fact that they are cold and frozen, eating them makes my heart melt! Oh how i've missed them! Too bad i still don't have enough money in my budget to splurge and really let loose on my love of frozen blueberries.

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charlotte said...

I hate being poor :( If I could, I would always have a double-stuff Oreos and grape juice on hand.