Thursday, November 13, 2008


It has been exactly 11 months since i last made the voyage to the place i call home! I did fly over it on the way to and from connecticut this past summer but that's as close i've been. I should have never left. Since i've been gone, my mom gave my room away and even before she did that, she took all the "brooke-ness" out of it by tearing down all my mural of magazines pictures on my wall that took so many years to put up and boxing my stuff up. Sad story, i know. Lucky for me, Heather now sleeps in there and lucky for her, she has 2 adorable kids that i like to call my niece and nephew, so there's no way i can truly be mad that i have no room left in my home. Anyways, back to the whole point of this post...i am so excited to go home!...and here are the reasons why:

Family, duh!-Everyone will be in Thanksgiving, except B and Ash, but this is as close as we'll probably get for awhile. An added bonus is that i get to see both my nieces and my nephew all at the same time. Score!!

Turkey Trot- My sister, Heather, and I use to run the turkey trot every year on thanksgiving day. And since neither one of us has been in the same place as each other these past couple years, we havent had the opportunity to run it. BUT...this year the tradition continues! I think Jess and maybe Aaron are running it with us too, i could be wrong though. To be perfectly honest, i can think of no better way to start off Turkey Day by getting up early and going on a run! In reality, it's the best way to start off anyday.

Castlewood- To put it frankly, i miss castlewood like a fat kid misses cake. More than a fat kid misses cake actually. That park and I have so many great memories and it just wouldn't be a complete trip home if i don't go there.

Dad's Bike Rides-
I use to detest be awoken at the crack of dawn to go on looooooong bike rides with my dad but it's the best part of coming home now! I desperately miss having a bike and have already reminded my dad numerous times that a bike ride while i'm home is essential. (It will probably take place at Castlewood!)

This list doesn't even begin to touch upon all the reaons i can't wait to come home, but it will have to do. Ahhhhhh 12 days!!!!!!!


emily said...

That's such a long time to be away from home! And I thought 2 months was getting to be too long a stretch. I'm so excited for you to get to be with your family, doing the things that you love. I too am so excited to be home and do those things that I can only do with my family in my hometown. Hooray for one more full week of classes!

Namlot said...

Brooke you forgot to mention BEATDOWNS, you are excited to get BEATDOWN. I know you have gotten soft, so I will dedicate my trip to giving you the best BEATDOWNS that I can. I PROMISE

Heather said...

Brooke, I am SOOOOOO excited to see you!!

charlotte said...

I'm excited that you get to go home :)

Mybear said...

Wow, I just realized what a complete wimp I am. I saw my family in October and I'm already homesick. You're a much stronger person than I Brooketini. I'm super stoked for you... and super stoked to read your blog! :)