Thursday, November 6, 2008

Constant Truths for Changing Times

With so many things going on lately I find it really easy to get caught up in life. With the elections and all the political changes going on i found myself checking and reading at night and giving less time to my scripture study. And not only with that but in all aspects of my life lately i've found myself relying more just on myself and less on the Lord when it should be the total opposite. It's amazing how easy it is, even at BYU, to get caught up in the world and forget some of the reasons we're really here on this earth and lose our eternal perspective. I read this article from April conference of 2005 by President Monson and it just gave me such clarity. So i urge everyone to read it! Constant Truths for Changing Times


charlotte said...

That's great, Brooke. I also have to remember to put my priorities where they should be; I'm sure glad for reminders like this talk :)

cait. said...

Amazing talk. Thanks B-rooke!