Thursday, October 2, 2008


I thought I'd share with everyone my VERY cool experience of going to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point. Every time i drive down I-15 to Salt Lake i pass Thanksgiving Point and i see the dinosaur museum and I've always wanted to go and alas, my dreams came true this past Tuesday in my Geology 102 class. That, my friends, was the main destination of our field trip this week. can you say..AWESOME!!! (Caitlin don't make fun of me for saying AWESOME!)

First off let me just start out by saying this particular dinosaur museum is the largest in the world. Did you ever wonder what color dinosaurs were? I did. We don't really know because all we have are their bones so we can't really be sure what color they really are. So even though they are nice shades of green and brown in the picture books, they really could be bright pink or yellow. You never know. The Herrarasaurus is the oldest dinosaur. It's 230 million years old. WOW! The most complete skeleton of the stegosaurus was dug up at the base of the rocky mountains. It never occurred to me for some reason that we'd have dinosaur fossils here in the U.S. but it makes perfect sense! Dinosaurs could live to be up to hundreds of years old.

And that's all i remember right now. But I'm definitely going back to the museum again because it was freaking sweet and i not only want to go through the exhibits again but you can go to a 3-D IMAX film about either dinosaurs, the ocean or somethien else for only 7 bucks. Totally worth it.

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