Thursday, October 2, 2008

Modest is Hottest

So our apartment is really REALLY hot. Especially at night and when I'm hot like that, clothes are the enemy. They just stick to you and are annoying. Anyways, so when at night i just have these boxer shorts that i wear to bed with a t-shirt. They aren't like booty shorts short by any means, they are in no way scandalous, but it never fails every time i wear them i get no sleep. Do you know why??? Because i have these really vivid dreams that i like show up to class in my boxer shorts or in front of my grandma. Sometimes i dream that someone, like a boy, came to wake me up and i get really self conscious about wearing my sort of short shorts in my dreams. So i end up sleeping really fitfully and don't get a good nights rest. I find it sort of funny that I'm self conscious in my dreams of what i wear. So now I wear a pair of basketball shorts to bed matter how hot it is. Just so that I'm covered up. I figure despite the lack of sleep it's a good thing that the depths of my mind keep me modest in ALL that i do.