Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, i know it's only October, however, i got bored in class the other day and i started making my Christmas list. So for all of you who would like to get a jump start on buying me a Christmas present, here are some ideas:

*blender-I can't live without smoothies, it's just not ideal.
*quarters, lots and lots of quarters-there's nothing i hate more than coin operated laundry, i can never find enough quarters to get my clothes dry and i never have cash on hand to put in the quarter machine
*Socks-the last time i did my laundry, i came back with 8 socks that had no matches. Where do you lose 8 socks at? I can find them no where, so i now wear miss-matching socks to the gym.
*Any of the following movies, because they are classics and i love them: Little Giants, Mulan, Armageddon, and Heavy Weights.
*Armband for my mp3 player-i get so tired of holding it while i run
*Pearl earrings-they can be cheap and fake, i just think they are pretty and I've always wanted some.
*Ice Scraper-um, it tends to snow in Utah and I need something to scrape my car windows with.
*Digital Camera-I have such a great life, there's so many moments that I'd like to capture and my little camera on my phone just doesn't do it for me.
*A Plant-i feel like a little green plant would make my room look a little bit homier.
*Super Nintendo and Mario-Kart-do i really need to explain this one?
*Mixer-i have this new love of baking and it's really hard to bake when i don't have Whenever i mix things by hand, it always ends up having lumps in it. Still tastes good though

That's all i can think of for now. But no worries, I'm sure I'll come up with more!


charlotte said...

Hmmm....thanks for the ideas!

heather said...

Too bad you aren't closer, I just threw away 3 plants and goodwilled a bunch of other stuff. Don't worry I still have your George Foreman though!