Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So by popular demand i am back and better than ever. It's not really due to popular demand, it's actually due to the lack of ways i can look busy at work right now. Nan can't see what i'm doing, she can only hear the clicking of me typing on the keyboard so for all she knows i'm hard at work over here at my desk. Shhhh...don't tell her! My dearest brother Lance was the one who perfected and taught me the art of looking busy when your not. I think it's a genetic trait though or something he picked up from my dad. I can still clearly remember when i was elementary school I went to work with my Dad on "take your child to work" day and he showed me how to play free cell AND look like your working at the same time. We tricked so many people in his office that day! So needless to say, i don't feel so bad pretending to work when i'm not because it runs in my blood apparently.

School has started once again and i'm okay with that. I"m really excited for this semester. I think that's mostly because this is the first semester since i started college that i don't have a chemistry class!! Celebrate with me, please! It's a joyous thing to look at my schedule and realize i don't have to go into the chemistry building at all! Prayers really do get answered! Another highlight to my semester is my Geology 102 class! It's just a block class, so for the next 7 tuesdays we meet up in the classroom for 5 minutes and then proceed to a different spot each week to hike for acouple hours. Some of these trips include going to Spanish Fork Canyon (conveniently located near a really good frozen custard place i hear), Moab, Thanksgiving Point, and the Crater in Midway (where we get to go swimming!). Needless to say,i'm doing college right this semester and having fun or at least trying. For your viewing pleasure and to make you just a little bit jealous, here's a picture of the crater i'll be swimming in not only for my geology class but i get to go back again during the second block of the semester for my SCUBA diving class!


heather said...

Brooke, I am so glad you are blogging again!! You sounds like you will have a fun semester!

charlotte said...

I'm celebrating with you over your lack of chemistry! And that crater looks like loads of swimming and geology fun.