Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slap my thigh and ride the wave

So i've never been one to obsess about weight, i weigh what i weigh and i'm generally happy with it. However, it's become more and more apparent to me in the past year or so that OTHER people are concerned about it. Here are 3 separate occasions when it's been brought up in one way or another.

1. This past year at school i was out running along 900 East and this car slows down next to me and this girl yells out the window.."It won't help Fatty!" as she stuffed her face with McDonalds frenchfries. You can't help but laugh at that.

2. My dear mother told me i had a little pooch growing on my belly. She was so funny about it though. We were driving somewhere when she came to visit for a bit back in like April i think it was and she just very casually told me she was going to tell me something and that she wasn't trying to offend me and that it was for my own good. It was pretty funny, I did have a bit of a pouch and it's gone now. And she told me when she saw me in June that i looked like i was in great shape. But at least now i know i can count on my Mom to tell me if i ever get fat.

3. Today i went to the knee doctor, where once again i was told i'm a hopeless case and there's nothing they can do to help my poor knees. He did tell me though that i needed to change my life style, mostly by not running so much and doing less impact sports, and then he as well very sneakily slipped it in that losing 5 or 10 pounds can make a huge difference on how your knees feel.

So, along with the ruthless amounts of fat jokes i endure from my brothers and sometimes their friends, you would think by now i'd be quite depressed and anorexic but i just love food too much. I've weighed approximately the same weight for the past 3 almost probably 4 years now, give or take 5 pounds, so i'm not too worried.

Update on my 100 push-up challenge....i can now do 21 pushups!! Yes in a matter of 2 and a half weeks i've gone from barely being able to do 3 pushups to doing 21 MAN STYLE pushups. Eat that!


charlotte said...

I can't believe that jerk-face butt on 9th. I love you no matter what you weigh, and I've never noticed a problem anyway :)

cait. said...


Aaron said...

Brooke, fat is relative. Just make fatter friends, then you will look skinny all the time. your welcome, I'm here for you.

Andino said...

Personally anyone that can do 21 pushups is SO not fat! You are great. This post made me laugh. And don't you forget our saying, "Donuts, pies, and french fries!" Can we have one of those parties soon? Love you!