Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm one of those people that doesn't like to go to the doctor and when i do i often times don't listen to what they say. For example, everytime i go to the knee doctor i'm told not to run, but do i listen to that...NO. The other doctor i don't pay attention to is my eye doctor. I wear contacts and mine are not the breathable kind so i'm suppose to take them out every night before i go to bed. However for the past couple years i have taken them out once every couple of months or so. My eyes have been fine, it hasn't been a problem. Well lately they have not been so fine and i've been forced to follow the eye doctors orders of taking them out everynight, what a hassle...i hate waking up blind. So this brings me to the real story. Today i woke up and my eyes burned and were red and all watery and crap and i couldn't put my contacts in for the life of me. So i was forced to wear my glasses to work and school today. Well walking home today from work, around noon, it was very VERY bright out, i could barely keep my eyes open. So i had to rummage around in my bag and pull out my sunglasses. Only problem with that is that i had to take off my glasses to put on my sunglasses. Hmmm...that presents a predicament since i'm practically blind without my glasses on. Well, i attempted to walk home wearing just my sunglasses, thus being blind. As i was walking down the sidewalk, i couldn't see much, i'd just see blobs slowly appear and then when i was practically running into them they'd turn into people. That wasn't so bad but the real hard part was trying to cross the street at the cross walks. I couldn't see if it was the stop sign or the walk sigh! Yes, they did have the blind people sounds that let htem know you can cross or not but i don't know the difference between the sounds, how was i suppose to know which way i could cross when it sounded?? Let me tell you, it was quite the experience of walking home.

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heather said...

Brooke, I can't believe you took your glasses off to walk home--you are so vain!! Crazy girl, we sure do miss you!! Ethan keeps asking for Brooke!