Friday, September 5, 2008


So, some of my half polynesian cousins teach a polynesian dance class where you learn the tahetian and the hula. My cousin talked me into coming to her "adult" class on thursday nights at 6pm. (for all you that live in the provo area, you should come as's at Timp Highschool). So i went to my very first class last night. It was me and 2 other older ladies and they were hillarious. I think in just hte hour class i learned like 8 different ways to move my hips, which also means i found out that my hips aren't made to move those 8 different ways. It was tough. As you can see by the picture above, i'm clueless when it comes to hula dancing. Today my hips and butt burn like they've never burned before. I never even knew i had muscles in some of the places that hurt. However, i will be attending next week as well because i'm determined to learn how to shake it like a salt shaker. Maybe someday, if your lucky enough, i'll give you each your own private recital.


charlotte said...

I would like a weekly private recital. Thanks.

soccerdale18 said...

Where's the one for Cliff and I?